Sansone Hyundai Avenel, NJ falsely advertises Sonata Hybrid features

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments

Sansone advertises Hybrid Sonatas with leather seats when in fact they have none.Only the Premium package, an additional 5k gets you this option and many more, making it the other option to the base model Premium.

This is classical bait and switch. I told them I wanted the Premium Hybrid and was told they'd find one in a couple of days if I left a deposit.

I had to call the dealership on numerous occasions when I had been told they were getting my car, even having to put up with the salesman dodging my calls and having the reception staff cover for him by saying he was out, only to call back a few minutes later using a different name and finding him in!2 weeks later I had to harass them for my deposit back as they could not find a car.

Review about: Hybrid Sonata.

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